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Re: How do you do it....

Originally Posted by Angel3167 View Post
Do you all have older kids? My DD is only 7 mo and I think I could probably be SAHM if she were older. I think Alexia would be happier with me though but I wonder how to do it? hmmmmm

I worked full time before DD was born and stopped when she's about 15 months and I was pregnant with DS. I planned to stay home after DS was born. Well, I couldn't! DD drove me crazy! I just felt horrible and bored all the time. I came back to work right after DS turned 2 months old. We got help with the kids (we hire an aupair and she's AWESOME!). I'm now working full time outside the home. I agree that it's really mcuh easier when they're older. Because now my DD is turning 3 and DS is almost 17 months. I can feel that it's easier to take care of them (though they have more activities). Thre are days that I want to stay home and be with them. But I think right now things are working out great for us. When I get home, they're with ME and DH. THe aupair will have her own time doing wahtever she wants and the kids know that. They somehow don't want her anymore. They're clingy to DH and me until they go to bed.
I know it's NOT for everyone so don't feel bad about it. Do whatever you feel right for BOTH you and your LO.
Good luck!
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