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Re: Which would be considered better? (long)

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
That's a tough situation. Under normal circumstances, I don't agree with inducing any time before 39+ weeks. But you've definitely got not-normal circumstances.

I would still want to make it until term - 37 weeks. At that point I would likely ask for amnio to be done to check for baby's lung maturation. If his lungs were ready, I would go ahead with induction. If his lungs were not ready, I would wait it out.
That goes for inducing at any point before 39 weeks, for me.
38 weeks is the earliest I would be ok with inducing. Like I said, I don't want a January baby. Besides my silly reasons, I also know it is not good for baby to be born early unless labor starts naturally. I don't want a "I'm in too much pain so it puts me into labor" induction either.
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