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Disana wool, Weehuggers, prefolds, cheap small BG AIO's +SB, amber/hazelwood, FB OS

Comes from a smoke free, pet free home. Most of these have just been sitting in a storage tub under the bed for awhile. We had a dog a year ago so there is a small chance there might be a stray hair, but hopefully we are all done with that.

ISO mostly PP, but may be interested in the following:

wooden baby/toddler toys in EUC
Capri snap covers - size 2
Certain print Chelory PUL covers in aplix
A&A Burpy Bibs
flip organic daytime inserts

Unless otherwise stated, I always ship same or next day via first class or priority and include delivery confirmation. I can't ship out of the country right now as it is difficult for me to get out of the house with a newborn and an almost two year old - unless you want to buy a large lot and then I might be motivated.

If you buy more then one set of prefolds I'll discount substantially as these are heavy to ship, the more you buy together the better. And if you buy 3 or more sets I'll throw in 4 FST, a set of homemade fleece liners, and a couple doublers.

Weehuggers size 2 owls print - super cute and I just bought this on here, but my son has eczema and super sensitive skin and seems to be sensitive to this cover so it must go! $12 ppd.

Set of 9 infant size prefolds. Measure about 11x14. 6 are cottonbabies brand, 3 are dyed green and 3 are dyed yellow. Then 3 unknown brand about the same size, dyed and embellished with a fabric strip down the middle. 1 is blue with colorful farm animals, 1 is orange with jungle scene, 1 is purple with motorcycles. $15 ppd for all.

I have almost an entire roll of grovia bioliners. I also have a bunch that I cut up to fit perfectly in a newborn diaper. If you are buying something else from me and want to try some out, let me know and I'll throw in a bunch for $1 or so. Not really sure how to charge for them.

Disana blue wool cover, size 98/104 (large). I'm not a wool expect so I don't know how to describe the felting of these, so check out the pictures. Only handwashed, so only naturally felted. $18 ppd.

Disana brown wool cover, size 86/92 (medium). I'm not a wool expect so I don't know how to describe the felting of these, so check out the pictures. Only handwashed, so only naturally felted. $18 ppd.

Adult size hazlewood/amber necklace from Inspired by Finn, never even taken out of the package. 18-19" the package says. $15 ppd
Toddler size 14" amber necklace from Inspired by Finn in EUC. polished and mixed colors. $10 ppd. SOLD

4 SMALL BG AIO's in GUC-VGUC. 1 grasshopper and 1 butternut second is just sort of dingy and lightly stained. Aplix still sticky and elastic still great. 1 grasshopper first has been snap converted. 1 blossom would be EUC but the aplix has been removed and the soaker detached making it a pocket instead of AIO. It needs snaps or aplix added. all 4 for $18 ppd.

1 BSRB itty bitty girly owls diaper, EEUC/new. snapless. SOLD
1 thirsties duo pocket size 1, blackbird, comes with random MF insert. SOLD
1 Swaddlebees lavender pocket, size small, aplix. discontinued. new/EEUC. ultra soft velour inner. Comes with preemie prefold for insert. $9 ppd each.

1 Kawaii Mom Label pink bamboo pocket. This thing is SO pretty and the color is GORGEOUS! EUC $8 ppd SOLD
1 yellow FBOS, EUC, no insert. $8 ppd.
Alva bamboo Spiderman print, no isnert, EUC, SOLD

Also have an Ameda Purely Yours Breastpump, a couple diaper bags (Skip hop, Kinies) nursing covers, Your Baby Can Read DVD's, Infantino Mei Tei, Moby style wrap, ring sling, and other stuff that I will think of later - PM me if interested!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1 Chelory Argyle fleece cover, EUC. $15 ppd. SOLD

Emotibums Size 2 snapping fleece covers, testers. These are made with an extra layer of fleece in the wet zone and fit 20-40 pounds, but they run really big and I imagine they would fit even longer than that! I only used them twice each max. $10 ppd each of both for $17 ppd. BOTH SOLD

Then I have 10 Flip Organic Prefolds (now called nighttime inserts) - these I bought on here and I was told they were barely used. However they are very worn and have holes along the sides. The worst one is on top, but all have some degree of shredding on the sides. I don't see any stains, but some might have light shadow staining. I stripped them and sunned them, and haven't used them. They still have lots of life left if you don't mind the wear on the edges. Take 3 for $12 ppd, 5 for $17 ppd, or all 10 for $30 ppd. SOLD

3 Tots Bots Tiny Fits, new minky version - SO soft! Including the minky doublers. 2 for $30 ppd [COLOR="red"]SOLD/COLOR]

NB Simplex - I don't think any of these have staining, but a couple might have very light staining. 2 for $27 ppd or 3 for $39 ppd. SOLD

8 BG XS/NB. All except mirror are seconds and were bought new by me. Mirror and Moonbeam are basically the only ones that have been used. I'd like to sell in sets of 4 for $28 ppd, 3 for $22 ppd, or 2 for $15 ppd. ALL SOLD

3 NWT size 1 Capri covers. $14 ppd each of all 3 for $39 ppd. SOLD

Set of 12 Gerber DSQ prefolds, dyed by me the same as the GMD rainbow set. Measures aprox 12x17. never used as diapers, just as burp cloths. Colors are pretty splotchy since I dyed them after using them several times, so they didn't stain evenly. $15 ppd for all. SOLD

6 Flip Organic Prefolds (now called nighttime inserts) - bought from the cottonbabies Gently used sale, so tags are marked with a G. Freshly stripped. These were my night time inserts and work AMAZING but I'm only using flats now. No staining, no wear holes. I'd like to sell in sets of 3 for $16 ppd for 3. or $30 ppd for all 6. SOLD

I have 9 BG 3.0 AIO size SMALL (not extra-small!). These are all seconds. Very lightly used. Most don't have staining, but a couple have very light stains (one moonbeam has light stains and so does one bubble). If that really matters to you I'm sure they will sun right out and I'd be happy to do that. These are no longer made, so here is a site that still has info about them: - the size chart says 8-16 pounds, but it is probably more like 10-20 pounds. These are perfect for the phase when newborn diapers are getting too small but OS diapers are still bulky. Take 3 for $22 ppd. SOLD

18 month size rocketship fleece longies and a monstor T-shirt/fleece shorties set. $14 ppd for all 3 pieces. SOLD

Set of 6 alva 3-layer bamboo inserts. I LOVE these but am using almost exclusively flats, so getting rid of the extra. These are freshly stripped. No stains and in EUC. #12 ppd for all 6. SOLD

I have 6 NEWBORN Alva bamboo 3-layer inserts. Never used, just prepped. $12 ppd for the 6. These are great to add extra absorbency without much bulk in both newborn and OS diapers! I just bought too many! SOLD

I have two Kissaluvs NB AIO's and one Fuzzibunz XS pocket. $9 ppd each or all 2 for $17 ppd. No staining. ALL SOLD

Tots Bots Tiny Fits - older style with bamboo/MF inner and MF doubler. The bottom row elastic is still super tight, and elastic is a little bit looser in the top row with the brown being the most loose - please see pictures. The last one to sell does not come with a MF doubler, but I can include a WAHM bamboo doubler if you would like. 2 for $27 ppd, or 3 for $38 ppd. ALL SOLD

Erin- RN- hoping to be a SAHM - Wife to Charlie, Mom to 2 boys: Trip (born 3-3-11) and Kai (born 1-16-13)

Come SWAG with me! I'm earning $25 a month in amazon gift cards by searching and taking surveys!

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