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Re: Anyone get a second degree or change careers?

You can still get scholarships and unsubsidized student loans. Start by filling out the FAFSA and visiting the financial aid center at the school(s) you are interested in. They will be the experts especially when it comes to specialized/local scholarships and related programs. You may be able to get a teaching assistant position, fellowship or the like. There are lots of ways to apply your psych background to nursing and the medical field in general so you should be even more marketable at the end and I think you will find any investment will pay off. I can see the theology even working it's way in there as a transferable skill depending on the population or center you work for. How exciting for you! Depending on where you are located there may be unique educational programs, or employment ops at specialty clinics, private hospitals, medical centers, etc. Best of luck to you!
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