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Re: needing another income/job.. help please!

I am a career counselor and my honest opinion is that medical transcription as a stand alone is not the wisest of choices for a career move. If it goes along with a larger medical training program that includes additional computer/database training, or medical interpretation training (as in languages), or a medical administrative/business studies program for example you will have more options. Lots and lots of people spend money or take out loans to attend overpriced medical transcription training programs that may or may not be accredited, because they are often fairly short programs that you can join with little to no prior education or pre-requisites. I see time and time again that the graduates of these stand alone programs cannot find work because the certification they receive may not be recognized by employers, or because employers want a minimum of 1 year experience so you end up in a bit of a catch 22. There is a lot of competition for these positions by those that have extensive experience not just in medical transcription, but in the medical field in general.

Truly, most work at home opportunities that are legitimate are for those that are established in their industry and thus can negotiate to work remotely part or full time, or those that are in business for themselves. I would urge you to consider some long term career goals, that while taking longer to achieve will eventually give you more choices.

Meanwhile, some quick methods to earn money from home besides what was mentioned above are:

1) Contact everyone you know and ask them if anyone they know needs help making calls, stuffing envelopes, doing data entry, doing online research, etc. Knowing people is the fastest way to find non-traditional side jobs. If you are flexible you may be able to clean houses, organize household, run errands, grocery shop, be a household manager, pet sit, etc.

2) Consider getting a Certified Nurses Assistant or even shorter/less expensive Home Health Aid certification. Even without these you may still be able to find work caring for an elderly or disabled person p/t in their home with hours that are flexible enough for you to work around, or possibly to be able to bring your children. You can do many tasks for an elderly person that are not medically related.

3) Search online locally, and on this forum too to find Mothers that have a home based business. Not only will you get ideas for your own home based business, but you may be able to do a bit of side work for some of them. Perhaps you can make phone calls, send emails, write a newlsetter, or do a bit of marketing by helping the company post updates on blogs/Facebook/and Twitter to keep social media exposure up

4) There are lots of companies like Pampered Chef, Advocare, Avon, etc. where you can work as an affiliate and sell products at home, via your network, and of course expanding your network, including websites that are set up automatically and "cookie cutter" for affiliates.

5) Seek out women owned businesses who understand the desire to work from home and who may be open to sharing their leads with you. Even if they don't have a job for you, they can certainly point you in the right direction or help you brainstorm. Just like you asked here on DS, ask everywhere and everyone! That is the beauty of crowdsourcing

That is all I can think of off the top of my head, but I hope that helps you and PM me if you have any questions. Best of luck to you.
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