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Re: Basically it's Thursday...(Only 5 days to go!)

Originally Posted by jwjbbrown View Post
Oh wow. It was announced today that the principal that retired 2 years ago, Donna Page, will give up her retirement and return as principal to Sandy Hook Elementary. She is giving up her retirement to help them recover and heal. Sigh, this is a good thing. What a wonderful woman.
Oh wow. That is awesome and sad at the same time. I heard the kids wont be going back to that building in the new year...any idea what they will do? Build a new school or just wait till repairs have been made to the building?

Originally Posted by lemurmommies View Post

We had a tough tough evening here, but it is all good now. E broke my new reusable mug (gift from a student) when he dropped it on the floor, and then everyone was sad/grouchy afterwards. He went to the store with Ru to replace it after supper, so then everyone felt better. Now he is in bed and excited for pyjama day tomorrow. I am in the middle of a marking marathon. Want to get my science tests marked tonight so that I have just the science posters to mark tomorrow and then I can send stuff home on Friday.

Good to know about the principal at Sandy Hook. I hope it helps.
I'm sorry about the rough evening Mel; And the mug. I know how much that can hurt. I'm glad you could get a replacement.

PJ day in school sounds like fun!

Originally Posted by jwjbbrown View Post
Bubble gum pink dye in MH's hair setting. In a bit she and I will shower it out.

Before then I need to clean the kitchen and switch around the laundry.

Going to be very cold by morning -2
Cool. I love that MH gets to have fun colours.

Originally Posted by redgirlsmama View Post
I got my eyebrows done Janine
That is great Jen. I have to admit that I am really putting my blinders on details wise with the situation. Not because I don't care, but because I get emotional easily, and now I can identify on more than one level. Plus Christmas Eve is the anniversary of my friend getting murdered by her husband so I get kind of caught in a cycle. sigh.
Making baguettes to go with marinara and spaghetti as a Christmas gift to 4 teachers and the bus driver. Hoping the baguettes don't fail me. It is a recipe I am very familiar with but I am using the baking stone

I'm sorry about your friend.
I am Janine; mum to Shannon (10), Derry (8), Cameron (7), & Fynn (4)
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