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Re: Pain after feeling fine?

Sounds very normal for me. The sharp pains (I was told) are nerves. I had those off and on for the first year after each c-section. I hate how it's all the sudden and wham! It makes ya gasp and tear up! Baby Girl is 14 months now and I rarely get them now.

You might have over-done it if the whole area is hurting again. I noticed (for me, every woman is different) that around your time I started feeling pretty dern good, but still had to take it a bit more easy (as easy as you can multiple kids)... definitely no working out yet and being super nice to ab muscles (avoiding as much as I could still). Then around 3 months, I was soooo feeling better. By 10 months I could do crunches without the incision/area hurting. The 3 month mark was a good mark for me... Beside working out, I never felt like I could "overdo" it by that mark.
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