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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I had an elective Csection at 38 weeks. My first DS was born via Csection b/c he didn't fit...which is the reason for the repeat.

So, at 38 weeks I went in! I had to be there at 6:30am. As soon as I got there they did my IV. They asked me if I wanted my catheter in then or wanted to wait until I had my Epidural! OF COURSE I said when I had the Epidural!! LOL Then they gave me this plastic thing filled with an was the sz of those little creamer things that you find in gas small....BUT SO horrible!! LOL! I couldn't even finish it!! The nurses just laughed at me!

So, then I walked into the OR. They had me sit on the table and they got the Epidural started. It only hurt a little as the numbing meds went in. It took about 5 minutes and then they laid me down and DH came in. They got started....and about 15 minutes later, my LITTLE DS was born! After they were done sewing me I was wheeled into my room. They let me hold my DS and nurse him. When I was done, they took him to take his vitals, give him a bath and such. I started to feel sick at that pt so they gave me a Phernigan shot in my butt.....which was still numb! The numbness lasted a lot of the day and just gradually wore off! I was happy to be numb.

So, I had asked the nurses to bring the baby when he was hungry...and they did.

The next morning they took out my catheter and changed my bed. I got up and took a shower. I had NO pain! It was wonderful!! I stayed up and walked around for about an hour! Remember this is only 24 hours after the surgery! So my Doc came in around 12 and I told him that I been up and about and had gone #2....which he was happy about!! LOL! I asked him if I could leave and he said "yes" since I was going so well!

SO, I left the hospital 36 hours after the surgery!! It was a PERFECT experience!! They gave me Hydrocodone and I took it every 3 hours consistanly for 2 days. I never had any pain during then or after I came off!

It was the PERFECT experience!!! I very much enjoyed it!!!!
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