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Re: Super Nosey Family Members

Originally Posted by raymark View Post
Most people I know either say or think those comments when they personally believe the parents aren't capable of properly providing for or parenting all of the children (time, money, education, home size....). I hear those comments (& often think the same thing myself) over plenty of people just having 1 kid. I've never thought, or heard, comments like that aimed at individuals just over family size alone.

So, if a comment like that was aimed at me I would truly be hurt & would really focus on what others could possibly think I'm not capable of providing my children with.
i have heard this form family & friends who dont believe ppl can raise more then 1-2 kids. they think if u have more then that. no matter what u do or how hard u try. u can not rase more then 2 kids properly. i knoe people who have 4-6 kids & they do an awsome job! i really look up to them. there r ppl who even talk bad about them only cuz they dont agree w/ the amount of kids they have. what i have learned w/ having a larger family is no matter what u do. somone is always gonna find somthing in u they dont like or approve of in your parenting style or somthing elese. i stoped caring about what others thought or said. as long as i know im doing my best as a mother & my kids r takin care of . at the end of the day thats all that matters.
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