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Originally Posted by Nerissa
PB First and one knife

1. Spread PB on one slice of bread
2. Clean knife off on 2nd piece of bread
3. Spread jelly on 2nd piece of bread

now if i am making PB & J sandwiches that are going to sit, like for lunch later or if I make one for DS1 lunch the night before then I do:

1. Butter on both pieces of bread
2. PB on both pieces of bread
3. Jelly on top of PB on one piece of bread.

I remember in elementary school we had to write out the steps to make the perfect PB & J sandwhich. then our teacher made each kids PB & J sandwich based on their directions and then we got to eat them. That was 2nd or 3rd grade so long time ago but the memory has stuck with me.
This is exactly how I do it.
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