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Re: Greasy hair with shampoo bar?

AutumnRose, I know it's not the question you're looking for an answer on, but I recently started using a very dilute mix of tea tree, mint, and eucalyptus oils with some grapefruit seed extract on my scalp once a week or so (leaving it on for 15 mins to an hour before a shower). I did it to lessen the smelliness of my hair oil and to reduce oil production. It has done both. While I'm concerned that it could be harsh depending on the nature of your scalp irritation, when I was doing the research for my concoction, it seemed like the mint and the presence of something naturally antibacterial in particular were supposed to help with dandruff and other scalp problems. Just a thought provided these are oils you keep on hand? If it bothers you, you could jump in the shower in a jiffy I suppose.
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