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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

I second what the pp said about touring the hospital or calling and asking about c/section procedure. I was never on a liquid diet at all. As soon as it was meal time I got food (and I'm lucky because our hospital has pretty good food!) Every hospital is different. Some hospitals have a recovery room where you have to go to after your section and you can't have the baby with you - others (like mine) everything is done in one room (except the surgery of course) where you are taken right back to your room after surgery and the baby will be brought right to you.
Also our hospital supplies everything for the baby - diapers, wipes, blankets and little gowns where they have a notch that covers the babies hands so he/she can't scratch their face. Also there is no requirement about an extra adult needed for the baby to stay overnight...if you need help you page the nurse.
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