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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

Im having #6 over here and I can tell you they are not as bad as people think . With my 4th and 5th i didn't even feel like i had surgery ! My recommendation is to ask for a spinal with the morphine they add that gives you pain relief for a long time ! that little tihng they like to give you on your hand for pain relief ( you push a button and it releases pain meds ) is for the birds. with my 4th adn 5h i had the spinal versus epidurals with the others and it made a HUGE difference, also as a previous poster said , get up and get around , keep everything loosend up instead of sitting and getting all tense and it will make a world of difference also. i made it a point to walk at least every 2 hours if it was just going to the bathroom and my recovery was super fantastic

as for the actual procedure the only problem i have is the pain meds make my blood pressure drop super low , which i have low to begin with adn that makes me sick, the last time they gave me stuff that helped with that and it was the best of them all.

its easier said then done , but try not to *fear* it and things will go beautiful for you. the worse thing was the iv lol.
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