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I went in for my yearly exam and talked to my dr about the possibility of cysts causing me so much pain around ovulation and such heavy periods. Se sent me over for a u/s since I am in the window of ovulation right now. I got a call this morning that the report was in and I indeed have a cyst on my R ovary and an early uterine pregnancy. 0_o

The tech asked me a few times if there was a chance of pregnancy, figuring it to be routine. Thinking back, she did say to make sure I test if I didn't start my period. My period isn't due for 3 weeks! I haven't even ovulated this month yet! So, I go back to my calender and I cannot figure out for the life of me when this could have occurred. Here are my dates:
Nov 9-16 Aunt Flo in the house
Nov 27 - Ovulated (L side)
Nov 28 and 30th - DTD
Dec 5 - DTD
Dec 6 - BFN
Dec 7-13 - Aunt Flo in the house (normal period)

What is your guess? The late November timing or the early December? I took a test after the phone call and it is stark white. Wouldn't it show a positive by now? I have to go in for blood work this afternoon per the doc.

I told DH and he is less than excited. He's not upset, just nervous. It's our 16th anniversary today. What a surprise gift!
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