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Re: TTC 30+ 12/21-1/4 come on holiday babies!

I realized I never updated after my birthday my age is 34 now

I had my first appt, everything looked okay, & I started my meds again last night. It's the exact same protocol as I had for my IUIs, so that's comforting. I go back again Christmas Eve & then I'll be doing monitoring every other or every third day until retrieval. It is a little easier now, since DP can drop DD off at DC before work, which means I can be a little more flexible w/ appts, even though it will still take me an hour to get from the RE's to work. And DP's doing job applications & interviews, so fx that she gets something that pays $$$. Don't get me wrong, she can stay a teacher forever & I won't care, but if she's going to take a new job, I hope it means more money too, KWIM?

QOTW: I always went back to PFs w/ DD, but I didn't have a favorite brand or anything...though I did like the Imagine covers. But I have a special love for Kiwi Pie fitteds. They were the only dipes that truly fit DD from about 4 mos through PTing, they were very absorbent, & they weren't a velour texture (our hard water ruins velour). To re-stash for a new baby, those would definitely be a thought.
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