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Re: Post you POSITIVE c-section stories please

my friends baby was completely breech and the doctor tried to turn him, but to no avail. So she opted to have a section that day rather than wait for to go into labor, have it be an emergency section and still have a breech baby. It went very smoothly. She was no more laid out than a normal delivery except she was not allowed to lift anything for a bit. Yes she said it hurt alot after but drugs are great If you HAVE to have a section, its OK. better to have healthy baby and mommy than not.

To contrast, my first was over 42 weeks and I wasn't going into labor because the muscles were too stretched out. The doctor said section was a strong possiblity due to the size of the baby (estimated 8.5-9 pounds) But I wanted a vaginal birth so he let me try. Well.... My baby was so big he got stuck coming out and lucky all he had was a bruised shoulder from being delivered with his head and one arm sticking out (the only way to get him out - I will let you imagine how that was accomplished). It turns out he was 11.1 Pounds! Had we known I def would have had a c-section despite my fears. My recovery was actually worse than a typical section patient and I lost so much blood they were very worried about me. Took me months to feel right again and I still have problems 6 years later related to that first birth.

Moral of the story is that sometimes a section is better than the alternative...
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