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Originally Posted by raymark
Most people I know either say or think those comments when they personally believe the parents aren't capable of properly providing for or parenting all of the children (time, money, education, home size....). I hear those comments (& often think the same thing myself) over plenty of people just having 1 kid. I've never thought, or heard, comments like that aimed at individuals just over family size alone.

So, if a comment like that was aimed at me I would truly be hurt & would really focus on what others could possibly think I'm not capable of providing my children with.
I could get hung up on what others think of me but at the end of the day I have a supportive loving husband, and the 3 kids we already have are very well taken care of (by us, and not our family) and so I really can't let myself think their is a reason of concern coming from them as to why/if/when we had another other than the fact that some family members are just NOSEY! And rude!
So while I understand what you're saying. That isn't the case for us.

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