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Re: Which would be considered better? (long)

Originally Posted by mommycass View Post
Normally I would support waiting but under your circumstances if baby's lungs are mature I'd go for an induction at 38 wks. If you do decide to get induced I would maybe try to start the weaning of narcotics before 36 wks so its not as hard on either of you after delivery. Sorry your in so much pain
I would LOVE to get off the narcotics. They are really what is making me wish Squishy would come early. The sooner "he" is born, the sooner I can get off of them. But without them, I will start labor. My patch ran out early today and I was having regular contractions, because of my pain, that were not too strong or long. Within a few house of putting on the new patch, the contractions went away.

Our plan (OB & I) is to start weaning at 36 weeks (if I can). I will go on a lower dose patch from 36-37 weeks and then even lower from 37-38 weeks. Then depending on when Squishy comes, either I will start on a long acting narcotic just before delivery (whether natural or induction) or as soon as "he" is born. With DD, they took the patch off within 30 mins of delivery and gave me MS Contin. I slowly tapered off for both DD and I the following month.
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