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Re: Which would be considered better? (long)

Originally Posted by MommaLEB View Post
I'll add my vote for trying to hold out for 38 weeks then get testing. Thirty eight weeks is a week into term and pretty safe for most babies.

I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I also have to take medication during pregnancy and the guilt and second guessing sucks so much sometimes.
I really would not even think before 38 weeks. I really really really do NOT want a January baby. I know it is a stupid reason, but I don't want Squishy to share a b-day with my mom(25th), my dad(27th), my sister(29th), or my MIL(30th). Also Feb 1st is 38 weeks exactly. And I do know my dates within 1 day. I had a blood test on the 5/26 due to having a kidney infection. I started testing within 5 days and the day AF was due, I got a BFP. I had been testing because of symptoms and got faint +'s before then. Plus when I went in for my 1st appt, my old OB did an U/S to see if it was viable (too many MC's) and had my conception date of 5/26 instead of 5/25 like I had.
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