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Re: Which would be considered better? (long)

Originally Posted by TwinKristi View Post
I'd say 38wks too. I've had babies in the 37-39wk range for medical reasons and my 39 has done best long term wealth wise. My 37wk guy even though he was ok at birth has had allergy issues, chronic ear infections, asthma, etc.
If your dr will do 38wks I think it's good compromise in your situation.
DS was born at exactly 37 weeks and I was on bed-rest for 3.5wks before than due to PTL from what I now believe was from my gallbladder pain. He had no issues and was 6lbs 11ozs.

DD was born at exactly 38 weeks and had "some" issues but not from being born at 38 weeks. Part of her issues were because of withdrawal but that was caused by her genetic condition; Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. It causes low-muscle tone and that made her not nurse well so she couldn't get much milk that had the tapering meds in it. Also she was jaundiced because of not being able to nurse properly.

38 weeks is not too early but not too late. I am having a really hard time being on the patch. The side effects are getting to be too much for me. The pain is 95% gone until my patch wears off. But the patch's side effects for the first 24 hours I have it on are what makes this hard on me. SEVERE itching that Benadryl barely helps. Nausea and can make me vomit if I don't get anti-nausea meds in me in time. And I don't sleep the first night. Plus some minor ones; I get shaky, I get a horse voice, my skin itches and the spot I put the patch on has a hive-ish reaction, and I can't get overheated. If i do, then I get too much medicine and vomit.
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Feed your children human milk as long as possible, it might save their life. It did my son's.
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