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Originally Posted by carriek38
I realized I never updated after my birthday my age is 34 now

I had my first appt, everything looked okay, & I started my meds again last night. It's the exact same protocol as I had for my IUIs, so that's comforting. I go back again Christmas Eve & then I'll be doing monitoring every other or every third day until retrieval. It is a little easier now, since DP can drop DD off at DC before work, which means I can be a little more flexible w/ appts, even though it will still take me an hour to get from the RE's to work. And DP's doing job applications & interviews, so fx that she gets something that pays $$$. Don't get me wrong, she can stay a teacher forever & I won't care, but if she's going to take a new job, I hope it means more money too, KWIM?
Sounds like you have some exciting days coming up. I hope the new year and this cycle brings DD her sibling! GL for the job search too.

Originally Posted by katiecornflakes
Still here, too!

AFM - So hoping I've ov'ing today! This is when I'm bummed I'm not temping, since I can't confirm ov. But oh well. I'll see if my cervix drops over the next day or 2. This LH surge coordinated with my lunar fertile time this month, so hopefully that means it'll be a strong ov. FX. This lunar month is boy for me, which is fine. I'd love another girl but I just want a baby, really, so I'm ok with it! We shall see. I'm going to try to hold out testing until 1/1, which would be 11 DPO if I ov today or 10 if it's tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be good news for the new year!
Can't wait to the first! How do you find out your lunar fertile time?

Originally Posted by beckstar
im only on cd9 but feeling crampy and pinchy...tho for some reason i think this is usual for me...and i dont ovulate until cd17 or so...we dtd today, but hubs asked what cd it was so we were he knows and i dont know if i can convince him to give me the christmas present i maybe i can get him into the spirit...

as for the qotw: i really love goodmamas...but now i sew my own and make a pretty great OS i wont buy any more diaper from anyone else.
That stinks that your DH is being nosey about your cycle.
I have tried sewing diapers. I always hate them. I can sew lots of things, but diapers have eluded me. I am a little jealous.

Originally Posted by craigwick
CD45 apparently I am in the 3-4 week wait , but will be picking up a test tomorrow. I'm fairly convinced it will be +ve as the only other time I have had a cycle this long was the 2nd cycle after AF came back when I stoppe BF DD2. Boobs are crazy painful (like I want to cry!) and felt nauseous today at work! Yipee! Bring it on!.
Sounding promising. I guess you are out of town tomorrow that you are picking up some tests? Hoping your intuition is right and we get to see a bfp!

AFM: CD 35. Cramping like crazy and my temp was down this morning so I will be shocked if AF doesn't appear tomorrow. We are out of town for our second family Christmas. I left the tests and my babycomp at home. I just figured it was inevitable that CD1 will be here while we are gone.

QOTW: For daytime I have an assortment of Sunbaby diapers and Gro Via Hybrids. Now that DS is pushing 30lbs we added a few Alva diapers. I used to love my Gro Vias a lot more, but they are starting to wear out and will need the elastic replaced soon. For night time we use BG 3.0s (they are 4 years old, my originals) with Flip organic and a hemp insert on DS. DD still wets at night so she uses Ladder Hill designs Overnight Solutions. They have been a life saver for us. DD can still feel like a big kid but have added protection at night. So far she isn't even embarrassed for her friends to see them.
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