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Cerclage is in! During the last week, my cervix shortened from 5.5 down to 4.75, so doc was definitely glad to put it in! I'm relieved now that its over.

Spotting has stopped and only an occasional cramp or contraction (I was contracting 1-2 times daily randomly before surgery. Doc gave me meds to stop it while I healed from surgery and said we'd readdress if they continue into next week).

So far she's holding on and while I've been on bed rest since Tuesday I managed to crochet her first baby blanket. I'll post pics tomorrow in daylight (our house has awful yellow light).

Now, if only I could convince DH that I am not an invalid and I CAN cook a meal or get my own drink --- the DOC said light duty (no lifting or vacuuming and to not be on my feet/walking for long periods) not to be on complete bed rest for weeks

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