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Help - TTC, misscarrying and low progesterone

After TTC for months and months and months. I gave up trying in October and even came to a decision that I was done. Low and Behold I got a BFP on November 10th. I was so happy! I couldn't get into see my regular OB so I saw my perinatolgist. I had some brown spotting that is why I wanted to get in ASAP as I had a loss in January. Well Nov 29th he did an ultrasound and saw 2 sacs but they were measuring 4 weeks and they should of been 7 or so.
The next day I started actively miscarrying

The results came back and my progesterone as 2.7 I was only told that it was low. I was just goign to close up shop as it is too hard to keep goign through this. I have been thinking though and I may wan tto TTC again but now I don't know what i should be doing? Is there a reason for low progesterone? Should I be on supplements while ttc or only if I get a BFP? How long should I wait to ttc?

I hope this is the right place to ask these questions.
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