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Hospital vs. Home Birth...PLEASE HELP!!

We found out were expecting our 3rd child August 12. I had both children in a hospital with the traditional OB. Both deliveries were fast, problem free & primarily natural. My sons birth went great, my daughters birth was TERRIBLE!!! Because of my last awful experience, I want to explore my options, specifically a home birth. My husband is 100% against home births. He wont even consider a consultation appointment with a home birth midwife. I'm so frustrated. I'm currently under the care of a midwife who works with the OB department of our hospital, but I'm not feeling confident this is the right choice. I am excited to try laboring in the whirlpool tubs that the hospital offers and trying a water birth but I don't want to stay in the hospital. I get claustrophobic and depressed in the hospital, I'm dreading that more than the pain of labor & delivery! The only birth center is 45 minutes away, too far to travel in the heat of contractions and honestly, my last labor & delivery was only 90 minutes, I'm afraid I'd end up delivering in the car. Any suggestions? Ideas? Similar fears? Similar problems?
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