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Re: White Elephants

Approximate date of purchase: December 2011 maybe
Where did you purchase the item(s) from: coop/Group buy on facebook
What did you buy: two custom, upcycled wool soakers
How was the customer service: So-so. She said to comment on the picture of the fabric I wanted with the applique we wanted and I did. She went on vacation before all of the covers were finished, which was fine with me, but I wasn't able to communicate with her and they were sent right when she got back.
Review of the product: I like the product itself. It's perfectly functional and well made. However, I got two colors that I didn't even ask for with two appliques that I didn't ask for. They were the correct size (which we had to measure out ourselves) so I dont think they were the wrong order.
Any additional comments: When I contacted her about it, she never even replied! Since the product was functional, I've used it...I just wasn't pleased that I got two colors that I hate.
Would you do business with them again? Maybe. I liked the product but hated the service.
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