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Question about hospital stay

When I had DS about a year and a half ago he was in the NICU for a good 4 days. They never asked me if there was an outfit he could wear or a blanket that we brought him. they just kept him in this ugly, white tshirt and swaddlded him in the hospital blankets. at the time, i didn't think anything of it i was in too much pain and didn't realize it at the time that we could have brought in clothes and blankets for him (1st time parents, yup!) so now i am thinking that when we go to the hospital for our 2nd in about 6 weeks obviously we will bring her clothes and comfy blankets but do I tell the nurses that we want to dress her or would they assume? (granted she has no NICU stay, and even if she does, does she have to stay in the hospital clothes?) just curious as to what other mamas do in that situation. Thanks!
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