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Re: Question about hospital stay

honestly my son stayed swaddled in the hospital blanket until we go ready to leave. We were only there 23 hours after his birth though. If he wasn't in the blanket he was skin to skin with me under my blankets.

Let your nurses know that if possible you want to use your blanket and clothes.

When we were visiting my SIL after my nephew was born, they wanted him to have another layer on under his blanket and asked if they had an outfit for him. Then proceeded to dress him rather sharply. It's actually a memory that has stayed with me. Of parents letting the nurses control, letting him take the child afterward to some test or another. I found it sad. I think they were beat down though. Tough birth, then jaundice. They even made the parents leave and kept him overnight (I couldn't image). They fed him formula against their wishes. And after all of that I still think the recommend the hospital to their friends. Their experience sicken's me.

My son when they wanted to wrap him in a second blanket I said/asked that I would like to do skin to skin instead. They said ok. We never let him out of our sight. Once he had to be behind the glass for one test, my husband stood outside and watched. It wasn't easy getting discharged only after 23 hours but after several hours (all morning -- we left at 11am) of hassle we managed to get out of there.
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