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Originally Posted by MDever
If the baby is staying in your room or just visiting the nursery for you to rest then you are free to dress the baby in whatever you like. In most NICU settings I am aware of they let you dress the baby in "street clothes" after they have moved to step down care. This is simply because the baby must be weighed frequently, require exams, and likely have various lines(O2, heart, pulse ox) and regular clothes interfer and make those tasks more difficult.
Yes that makes sense about the wires, he was hooked up to many and the shirt that they had for him had buttons in the front most likely for that reason-easy access to his chest. Makes sense !! I didn't even ask them if we could dress him, I was recovering from a c/s and in too much pain and quite honestly didn't even care or think about his clothes. Also my sister and mom did bring clothes for him the last day to change into but he was soo big that he didn't even fit into the cute newborn clothes so they went back out and bought him a little onesie size 3mo!
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