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I would never risk it, personally. I, too, have watched the Business of Being Born and I still chose a hospital birth for DS and will for this one too. I agree with the documentary that our system is broken but I don't believe women are powerless either. The patient still has rights. I am friends with my old OB/Gyn and she is increasingly frustrated by the number of home births. Just last year, she had two incidents with her patients which resulted in deaths (one was a mother that died and the other was a baby). The mother was known to have complications and told that she had to deliver at the hospital but she ignored it anyway. A third patient said she would not be delivering with the OB at the hospital but had complications at the last minute and ended up with a c-section in the ER to save her and baby. Anyway, I know that plenty of women have babies at home without incident but there are also plenty who die or have major issues so why risk it? Modern medicine has drastically reduced maternal and fetal mortality due to monitoring and preventative care. I realize that many mamas on here will not agree with me but I will choose the informed professional route.

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