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Re: Hospital vs. Home Birth...PLEASE HELP!!

Originally Posted by erin_c_odonnell View Post
My hubby was very against homebirth too at first. I researched and kept telling him about it till he got used to the idea. We've had 3 hospital and 2 homebirthes and the homebirthes were a million times better IMO
Exactly this. I have to agree with my best friend above. Her husband was really against it...prolly because of me. Lol. My husband wasn't on board with the idea. He told me I was "spiraling down into a hippie world of wierdnes." Lol. He wasn't on board with homebirthing, no circing, extended bfing, etc... All of it took time and now he wouldnt do it any other way.
He felt very uncomfortable with home birth and unassisted birth, but I just continued to talk about it, leave articles and books in the bathroom ( only place for his undivided, and gently, but respectfully walked him through worries and just the whole process and what it would look like. After we had one under our belt those fears melted away. I realized later that most of his fears had to do with feeling he would be responsible if something went wrong. Calming those fears and letting him know his job was to take pictures helped alot.

We are planning our 7th birth, 4th home birth, and 2nd unassisted this june and he is now an advocate and wouldn't consider any other way.
Don't give up. Continue to talk and help him feel comfortable with what youare feeling drawn to. I hope he comes around and you get the birth you want.

If you interested on seeing pics/ info on my homebirths click on the link in my siggy and then go to August.
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