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My big pregnant Christmas rant

I'm sorry for being the crabby girl at Christmas but I need to vent here so I don't snap at my family. I am 40 weeks pregnant, my official due date is tomorrow. My family has been sick with the flu since last Friday and I spent a good part of last week scrubbing "accidents" off the floor. I was admitted to the hospital for 24 hours for dehydration and vomiting and just came home last night to a sick husband, a disaster of a house, no ornaments on the tree, no presents wrapped. DH went back to work today so I am on my own. My dad and stepmom have what I would politely call a difficult relationship with my sister and are constantly putting me in the middle and have decided to step it up this holiday season so I am being bombarded with phone calls and petty arguments. My kids will not stop arguing. My extended family will not leave me alone. They are constantly calling and messaging me to see if I am in labor yet. Tomorrow is also my husbands birthday so everyone thinks it would be so great if I have the baby tomorrow. Never mind that I have explained multiple times that A) the baby will come when it's ready B) I'd rather not have the baby 2 days before Christmas when I have 2 older children and C) We are not completely over the flu yet. They think I should be induced so DH can have his "Birthday baby" This morning my MIL sent me a message asking if we are coming to her house on Christmas day. We have made it clear since early in the pregnancy that would not be happening this year. They are 2+ hours away from the hospital and 1-1/2 hours away from our home. And that's in good weather. When I told her no this morning she acted surprised and disappointed. I invited them here but her response was she would not want to intrude. REALLY? I'm thinking of turning off my phone and ignoring all of my extended family until New Years. I get that they are excited about the baby, I get that it's Christmas. I'm trying to be nice and not get so annoyed with them, but honestly I'm about as ornery as a wounded grizzly bear right now and if they don't back off someone is going to get mauled. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. I really do love my family and am grateful I have them, they are just making me crazy right now and I can't snap at them at Christmas
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