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Re: My big pregnant Christmas rant


Baby number 2 and baby number 3 both came ON their due dates for me. For the full week prior my husband's family kept calling, texting and Facebooking asking if I've had that baby yet. I finally started saying "Yep, had him two days ago and just didn't feel like calling anyone."

I'm so sorry your family is being difficult. You know what I think you should do?

You should change your voice mail to say "If you are calling to find out if I had the baby yet, the answer is no. We'll let people know when that happens. If you are calling to ask me to play referee in some family drama, the answer is no. I'm too tired. If you're calling for any other reason, please leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can."

I'm so sorry your little family is sick. That blows. It's tough to have kids and be 40 weeks pregnant. It's SOOO tough to have a whole sick family while you're 40 weeks pregnant and sick yourself.

As for the Christmas tree.... meh, let it go. At least you have a tree, and an excuse to not decorate it. LOL I'm NOT pregnant and we didn't put the tree up this year. I was just too tired and had no motivation to do it. There is not a single Christmas decoration up in my house. LOL My only excuse is that I'm just too tired.

At least my gifts are wrapped though. LOL

God bless!
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