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Re: Update from the MW...lots to think about

Thanks...I went back yesterday and my MW was delivering a baby so I had to see her OB husband. He said that the BPP we had done over the weekend came back 8/8 so the baby is doing fine. THey did an NST yesterday and he said it looked perfect as well. My BP was down slightly yesterday (still high...just not AS high) and I haven't gained anymore weight (only because I throw up everything I eat the past few days!) I asked him if they still wanted to induce next week and he acted like I was crazy and said that there is no reason to induce. Apparently, the worse I feel, the better they think things look! Anyway, he said to come back Monday for a recheck but unless something drastic has changed, he doesn't see any reason to mess with things. I'm hoping to talk to my MW when she gets back from lunch today just to see what she says (if they're going to induce, it will affect dh's work schedule next week so he wants to know today instead of Monday and I want to talk to her about the vomiting...I didn't mention it yesterday). It's really frustrating not knowing though. And I've been really crampy the past few days...not necessarily contractions, just menstrual like cramps. But that's how it started with DJ...I never felt "real contractions" with him. And every time I've been to the hospital when I was having cramps, they said it was contractions. So maybe the baby will decide to come on his own this weekend and the induction thing won't be an issue. I feel like such a hypocrite because I'm such a proponent of natural birth and leaving things alone and letting the baby come when he's ready...but I was so disappointed when he said there was no reason to induce me...I am so ready to be done with this and move on! I'm tempted to just forget about all their restrictions and nest like mad and walk till my legs fall off this weekend. One of two things is bound to happen, either it will put me into labor or it will send my BP back through the roof and they'll have to induce me. I'm a horrible person!
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