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Re: Homebirth Prep.

My son was "at" ours but slept through the whole thing. For us the things we didn't think of and wish we had - an area set up for the midwives set up by my bed. No chairs in the bedroom or anything so when I needed a couple stitches we had to drag them from across the house. Clearing off a nightstand for them to set equipment on would've been handy too. Also, we had carpet, and got some yuck on it, they asked for hydrogen peroxide to get the stains out right away, DH had to dig that up but it worked beautifully.

My midwives suggest a "birth blanket" - like a giant diaper essentially that can be moved with you to keep things contained, then rolled up and thrown out after. Take a blanket, sew some vinyl to the back, roll the edges. It was a pain to put together when I was huge but I was SO thankful for it. When I was standing laboring over it, everything got caught, then they moved it to the bed while I delivered the placenta and did my stitches (DD nursed through this), then I got up and showered and the MW helped me put on clean clothes and a pad and they got rid of the blanket. We were clean and cozy.

I did still line my bed about a month before my EDD in case my water broke in bed again, and kept it that way until about 6 weeks postpartum when bleeding slowed down. Keeping spare sheets nearby is a good idea also just in case, and it's hard to have too many towels.

Also - something for them to put the placenta in, whether long or short term. We planted ours with a tree so DH had to also scramble for something to keep it in overnight until he could plant it. Just not something we thought the entire way through
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