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Re: Hospital vs. Home Birth...PLEASE HELP!!

Originally Posted by Andbabymakes2 View Post
^ this. But I do agree that you have to b
sure you are a low risk mama. You need to do what's fight for everyone involved. A hb with a Squeamish partner is no better than a hospital birth IMHO. You need to know that he's 100% on board and can handle the pressure of the situation. Some guys just aren't good with that kind of thing. And that's ok. What you visualize a hb is going to be and what reality of it is can be totally different.

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My husband is a squeamish husband and weve had wonderful homebirths and one unassisted and currently planning our 2nd unassisted. We know what he can handle and what he cant. He cant cut the cord. He cant be down there when baby is coming out. He isnt the type that wants to catch baby. He is my emotional support, physical support, loves me and encourages me. The nitty gritty is left to my midwife, doula, or me and im ok with that. Water births have helped with him being able to handle watching. The water dispurses the blood and blurs the sight of baby's head emerging. Plus, i would rather a water birth anyday than a land birth now that i have had both experiences. e
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