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Re: What is hard to do?

Originally Posted by samham View Post
I'm 5'3 and the same way, belly is huge.
DTD of course has been interesting.
I wish I could see things well enough to shave the girly bits.
Getting up, I kinda roll and push up.
Walking, sitting, you know, all of it. Lol. My belly looks much bigger than 29 weeks because of my size, and if this baby is as big as or bigger than DS I am in trouble.
LOL this was me the other day. Went to go and tend the garden and thought I coudl just still shove or move my belly over to see chance-had to use a mirror...very sad indeed.

I totally agree-I swear I wasn't this challenged with things until much later but pretty much every thing mentioned I have trouble with as well-the ones that stick out the most are rolling over and getting out of bed-I can't belive how hard this is already.

One of the things that makes me giggle is when you go to reach for something and you bounce of the counter because you forget about baby bump-it's funny how you under estimate how much quicker your tummy gets to that counter before the rest of you

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