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Re: Hospital vs. Home Birth...PLEASE HELP!!

Originally Posted by lynn97 View Post
My advice wasn't meant to be offensive and I apologize to you and anyone else who found it offensive. Yes, I realize that women and babies die in hospitals too, but hospitals are fully equipped to deal with the complications that can arise. I realize that an experienced midwife will also have tools at her disposal but they cannot do as much as a hospital can, and that is all I was saying. I realize that you are coming from a place of trauma related to a hospital birth but you should also recognize that assault is not a normal part of a hospital birth. Additionally, I didn't mean to imply that midwives aren't knowledgable, because they are. But as The Business of Being Born pointed out, doctors are trained to deal with the big stuff while the nurses know a lot about how to handle things when they're going normally. When I delivered at the hospital, the nurses did 90% of the work and I felt very confident in them. But I like having a physician, OR, full range of meds, etc immediately available in case they are needed. There is nothing wrong with homebirth if everyone involved makes an educated decision and feels it is best for them. But there is also nothing wrong with hospital birthing if everyone involved makes an educated decision and feels that it is best for them.

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Assault in hospital is more common in hospital than you realize. Forced c section is also assault. The doctor used threats of reprisal towards my midwife/mother to get me to consent to a section. He also lied to me telling me I was failing to progress. This was when my mother checked because I was having string urges to push. The nurses wouldn't look at me when they agreed with the doctor. He did later admit to lying as well. I do think the doctors came close to losing my son. Because I had been close to crowning they had to try to pull him back up. It typically does not take 3 people to deliver a child via csection. Nor should his neck be stretched or his arms, neck, and back be so bruised I could still see signs of it at his 4 month checkup. He had knots left on each arm for a long tine after identifying where the doctors thumbs were imprinted. My first child was in distress when she was delivered by emergency csection. Her apgars were better than my son's who prior to surgery had shown no signs of distress.

As for hospital delivery versus home delivery I think k owing and TRUSTING your doctor/midwife is more important than where you choose to deliver. I also think the mother's comfort should be top priority not the father's. Not that his comfort level isn't important but it is the mama who is delivering this baby. Lack of comfort on her part can lead to difficulties during labor.
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