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I got my tarp at home depot. I got a vinyl liber for my bed at Walmart. I put that on then my good sheets. Over top if them I put a vinyl shower curtain liners. Then a old fitted sheet. Took the comforter off my bed. I bleed a lot. So much I passed out. Twice. My midwife was awesome making sure it didn't stain anything. They ended up using my good towels as well due to the bleeding. When it was over they put all the dirty stuff in garbage bags. Including the old fitted sheet. Under it I had a premade clean bed. When I washed the stuff I rinsed in cold first. Then washed hot in tide. Nothing stained! I still have the vinyl fitted sheet on my bed to protect the mattress from spit up, leaky diapers and such.

To fill the pool I got an adapter at home depot. It hooked upto the shower head(well you have to have the head off) and then to the hose. So it came directly from there. To empty it Dh used a 5 gallon bucket and dumped it in the bath tub. It wad actually pretty fast.

Straws were apart of my birth kit. I can't think of anything I wish I would have had. I wore a black nylon sports bra in the tub. I kept it in when I got out. It dried quickly. Baby was born on land. I took it off waiting for the placenta to be born. I guess I do wish I could have thought about putting on a shirt. But I was so messy from blood and being pooped on.
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