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Re: Hospital vs. Home Birth...PLEASE HELP!!

I forgot to add I agree with a pp who mentioned research. The more you know the more your doctor/midwife can answer for you ahead of time. This can build trust that in the event there isn't time(rare I know but does happen on occasion) To consult you, you know in your heart they are doing what is best for you and your baby.

I would love a home birth but because of my individual circumstances this is out of the question. I am willing to go as far as I need to to find a Doctor I can trust. For us that means traveling 1 1/2 hours to St.Louis for the doctor I loved. She didn't always say what I wanted to hear but she did give a creditable reason for her opinion. I trust her to do what is needed to deliver my child safely. She is currently the ONLY doctor I can say this for.
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