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vaccines at 14 weeks 4 days Anybody?

At my appointment a couple of days ago I received my flu vaccine. I was 14 weeks 4 days. I was kind of on the fence about it, but my cousin lost her baby last year because she developed the flu while pg and went into preterm labor. I decided to go ahead and get the flu vaccine. When I was checking out the nurse came running out and asked me to come back to the room. The Dr. came in and said they thought the woman I sat beside in the waiting room had whooping cough and he insisted I get vaccinated with TDAP immediately for both me and baby safety. The last TDAP I had was 7 years ago. After going home and researching I discovered that the recommended time for TDAP is AT LEAST 20 weeks, but most not until third trimester or after birth. Do you think this was safe? Anyone else get TDAP this early? I am worried not only about the effects of the vaccine but also that I won't develop antibodies fast enough after exposure to whooping cough. Or would I still have antibodies from the shot I had 7 years ago? Anyone care to offer their opinion?
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