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Is my family selfish or just lacking common sense?

So, my 71 year old mother has been recovering from a severe illness over the last 3 months. She was hospitalized twice and is still in a Rehab/Nursing home near my house.

Anyway, taking care of her, her pets, her home, etc. has fallen on me because I live closest to her. My sister (who doesn't have a good relationship with my mom) lives about 7 hours away, but she came over to help and I am grateful. My 2 brothers, as usual, have been useless. My 34-year-old brother lives 2 hours from mom but hasn't visited yet, until today. Keep in mind, mom is constantly bailing him out financially. She defends him and his stupid mistakes all the time (he's the baby), but he hasn't been able to visit even once in 3 months, even when we seriously thought mom was dying!

So, there has been a stomach virus running through the rehab mom is in. She's been sick for the last 2-3 days. As a result, I've not gone to visit mom this week. I'm due in 4 days and I can't imagine the misery of going into labor while sick.

So, I tell my mom and brother that he is welcome to stay at my house, then visit my mom on his last day here, on his way home. I can't have him (or his 4 year old daughter) bringing that virus here! What does he do? He goes to visit mom first thing when he arrives here in town! I told him he can't stay here now. I won't interact with him or his daughter now. He and my mom think I'm overreacting! He said, "It's fine, I'll use hand sanitizer." I know my niece will be hugging on her grandma and then want to come hug on me! Sorry, not risking it this late in the pregnancy game!

I just wanted to rant a little! Seriously wonder if he and mom are that lacking in common sense or just don't care if they get me sick!
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