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Re: Hospital vs. Home Birth...PLEASE HELP!!

I voted "open to both". But actually, for me personally, the safest place is out of the hospital. I have had two hospital births, one birth center birth, and am planning another birth center birth. I would do a homebirth in a heartbeat if our insurance covered it, but it does not. I am "open to both" in the sense that I realize some people should be in the hospital or that some people are able to have very safe births in the hospital with the right OB/midwife at a good hospital.

Incidentally, I hemorrhaged badly at my second birth (in the hospital) and I actually think I would have been safer had I not been in the hospital. A midwife would have been paying more attention to me and caught it much sooner giving us more time to stop it. By the time I got a hospital nurse to pay attention to me, it was almost too late. If I hemorrhage again, I'd rather be in the birth center with my wonderful midwives there.
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