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Originally Posted by snoggle

I know hand washing can do a lot to stop the spread of illness (I'm a nurse, btw), but why chance it this close to delivery? And clearly hands aren't being washed as well as they should be at the rehab facility, or all of the staff and residents wouldn't have shared this little illness with each other.

If it was just my brother, I would be fine with the hand washing and pretty much just not let him touch me while visiting, but with my niece - No way! I'm certain she has had her hands on everything in my mom's room, in the hallway, in the bathroom, etc. I adore her, but children that age are walking germ dispensers...

And yes, of course, it is more than just this issue. But there is no reason he couldn't have been more respectful of my wishes on this matter - he hasn't bothered to see his mother in 3 months - he couldn't come to my house tonight and then wait until tomorrow to see mom before going home?

I put my foot down and said he had to go stay at mom's house. DH backed me up. I'm okay with being the crazy pregnant lady and DH is okay with being the bad guy. I prefer that role to having diarrhea and the pukes while in labor.

I don't mean this to sound grumpy at you. I really don't. I'm still just annoyed with the family. Thanks for being supportive.
I'm with you, I would not risk it this close to your delivery. Otherwise I probably wouldn't stand up and say no, but at 9 months pregnant I imagine I would.

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