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Re: Aug '11 - December Chat

The funeral was lovely, such a beautiful tribute to a very much loved young man. There were tears and laughter and lots of hugs amongst family and friends. We will miss our nephew very much but we are certain we will see him again so it makes it a little easier to manage. The outpouring of love from our church and community was incredible.

BIL is one of 9 children, naturally there are plenty of cousins to go with that and Dh (and SIL) have 6 children. There were A LOT of people to feed but twice, members of our church fed the huge family, and the food was incredible. I'm always grateful to be part of such a loving church family as well as family-family.

There were some very tender moments and I think it offered a lot of peace and closure to many of us. May our nephew always reside in our hearts.

Unfortunately, our family is still battling the flu... I REALLY hope none of you get it this season, we have been fighting this for a week now and I *think* I feel better this afternoon, but we'll see, dh is the only one that got a flu shot and I think it didn't keep it from getting it (since he came down with it first) but it may have softened the blow. Praying we can wake up energized tomorrow for SO many last minute Christmas preparations!

And in other news, cd1 for me - Boo! I started to spot last night, so for the first "normal" cycle pp, 10 day lp, not too bad. I'm really okay with not being preggo this month, we'll try again next cycle. It just stinks to be dealing with this along with recovering from being ill AND during Christmas.
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