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Re: Hospital vs. Home Birth...PLEASE HELP!!

Originally Posted by jaelynsmommy61607 View Post
I'd never sit 45 min in the car while in labor.
I guess us country folk are just used to long drives. A few friends don't like our hospital in town and so they drive 45 min to an hour to a different one and I did so too on their advice. The hospital I gave birth at was great. My SIL had to drive an hour as that was the closest hospital. My friends who live in the country all have an hour drive. It's not fun, but, what can you do when you live far away and it's worth it to give birth in a place you like. That's why I did it.
If my husband wouldn't agree to a homebirth and I knew the hospital would not give me the type of birth I wanted, I'd make the drive. 45 mins in the car is worth it to me for a birth in a relaxed safe place. I guess others feel differently. I'm sure there are ways you could work it too. Maybe they'd let you come earlier in labour, or maybe you can get a hotel room to hang out in until you're ready to go in. Just saying, it could still be a possibility.

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