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Re: I lost my recipe---White Chocolate Crunch Mix-HELP

Originally Posted by Mysweetseven View Post
I'm heading to the store in just a bit and I can't find my recipe for the White Chocolate Crunch I usually make. I've done a quick search of Pintrest and Allrecipes and I can't find it anywhere.......

I thought I'd ask here and hope like crazy someone has the same recipes.

It is not the normal recipe with the cheerios in it. It has almond bark, peanut butter, marshmallows, m&m's, crispix or rice/corn chex and pretzels.......I don't remember the amounts or if it has dry roasted peanuts in it to possibly...

anyone have this recipe? (fingers crossed)


This maybe what your looking for not 100% sure
White Chocolate Crunch
Scroll down an read it...

Merry Christmas...
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