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Re: If you could quit, would you?

I ask myself this constantly. I think we are almost at the point where I might be able to do this.

I'm scared to give up my position though:
1. I'm a teacher and only work 184 days a year and while yes many of those days are hectic and require longer hours than people who don't teach realize its still only half the year.
2. We don't have to penny pinch.
3. This is a big one. I live in the community I teach in and I have tenure and am high on the seniority list. Aka my kids will be going to school in the same district and will have the same summer/Christmas/spring breaks as I do. If I quit who knows if I would get hired back because the people at the district office change constantly. I don't want to teach in a different district where I have to commute and/or have a different vacation schedule as my kids.
4. My kids like their in home daycare and during summer break dd always asks when she can visit daycare.
5. I don't know if I'm cut out to be a SAHM.

3 and 5 are really my biggies.
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