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Re: Hospital vs. Home Birth...PLEASE HELP!!

I agree with others who have said it all boils down to yourr care provider and your own comfort level.

I birthed my first in a hospital. With a "midwife". she was awful. Just awful. The nurses weren't any better. I had a terrible experience, absolutely horrible.

My next two children have been born at home, with experienced midwives. In my state, midwives are licensed and by law, mothers must be low risk. If a mother has certain risk factors and a midwife still attends her birth, she can lose her license. They carry emergency equipment and medicines. I have always been close to a hospital.

If my circumstances were different, i might feel differently. But as of now, I personally,in my current situation, would not ever consider going to a hospital for birth, unless there were a true life threatening emergency. I am also low risk, and have had three previous uncomplicated, normal deliveries.

It is very important to have competent, able, and kind caregivers. Whether they are an OB in a hospital, or a Midwife at home. Be aware of risks, whether it's the risk associated with the epidural, or the risks associated with birthing at home. And be proactive and reasonable. Your caregiver is a human,too. Some tests I would normally decline, I will take for the sake of my caaregiver. Other things for me are non-negotiable. Know where you stand on major issues and why. Research, research, research. And when you make an informed choice that is right for you, own it. It may be something totally different from the route you expected to take, but if you make a choice that is right for you, in your circumstance, with your experiences and your own comfort level, that choice is yours, and that is ok.
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