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Re: Hospital vs. Home Birth...PLEASE HELP!!

I voted "open to both" because I think every women needs to ready her mind for both but try for the option she feels most comfortable with.

I personally have now had 5 home births (well one was in a hotel but pretty much the same process)

There is zero doubt in my mind that, for me personally, laboring and delivering at home is the way to go. I have fast,easy labors. I recover quickly.

We do choose to have a midwife present. I am to the point I don't really need one,or even want one, but I feel that for me having one present is a good choice. I do think that if we have a 6th child I'll ask the midwife to just hangout in the living room and come in if we need her. Kind of like an unassisted but with assistance a few feet away
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