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Re: Defining EC for people who haven't heard of it.

I usually tell people first of all that "it sounds really weird, but we really like it". What resonated with me was the idea that humans don't want to sit in their pee and poop, but we sort of condition them to, and then later we train them out of it but it's hard on everyone. I compare it to when adults have to pee or poop in the woods. Mentally it's just hard to do. Same for toddlers who are used to squatting in a corner; it's hard for them to make the switch to the toilet. That makes sense to a lot of people. I also let people know that it is crazy easy to get a baby to pee on the potty, and that it's a common method in many cultures. We did disposable diapers and conventional PT with my first 2 sons, but a friend recommended EC for our 3rd since we were using cloth. We tried it and we like it. He is 2 and 80% PL'ed, but I tell people that although PL'ing early can be a side benefit of EC, we will do it with our 4th even if #3 is not PL'ed early. As the 3rd kid, pottying was attention he would not have had otherwise, and we spent a lot more time reading books. It is true that it's tough if you do daycare (my own mom had very limited success), but there are benefits even if you only do it part-time.
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